The simple philosophy of the business is to provide

  • Accounting
  • Technology
  • Human resources solve day to day

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The aim of the company is to create a very strong brand & reputation that forms the foundation for developing long term sustainable business for the historically disadvantaged individuals. The business is driven by a strategy that is built on the pillars of the balanced scorecard and includes :-

  • Strong branding to improve Customer Initiatives.
  • Strong Back Office Support to simplify internal business processes.
  • Focus on Financial Accounting systems, process & training.
  • Strong Business Collaboration Partnerships to increase capacity.In the South African business environment new opportunities are presenting themselves but require entrepreneurs to be organized, resourceful & share expertise.

We believe that there is a vast number of entrepreneurs and skilled individuals who may have ambitions to run their own business. Business is complex and requires Human Resources, Assets & Capital investment to begin.

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  • Our employees have wide experiences & qualifications in:
    • Auditing & Accounting.
    • Business Software deployment in wideindustries.
    • Networking & Software Integrations todeliver consolidated Reporting.

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  • Managed Network Audits & Support
  • Managed Email & Files
  • Managed Email & Files

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  • Our skills & experience allows us to assist in you in
    managing your Digital Assets such as your Domains & Corporate
    Identity in print & web.

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  • Systems Implementation & Support
  • Systems Implementation & Support

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We support Businesses & Organizations’ internal business process by providing both Information Technology & Accounting services & skills.We provide:

  1. Human Resource Skills.Internal & Outsourced.
  2. Business Process flows, Procedures & Software
  3. Business Intelligence Reporting.


We are driven by the passion to increase skill levels & know-how for our clients. We provide on-the-job training as a priority to meet the following business objectives :-

  • Prioritizing immediate business needs vz long term skills transfer.
  • Create business process relevant to skills competencies
  • Provide capabilities internal Staff & Management with Automated Reporting

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